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Headquarters, R&D Center
14-1, Chuo 1-chome, Misato-shi,
Saitama 341-8527, Japan
Tel: +81-(0)48-949-2111

Ibaraki Plant
5540-11 Sakatemachi, Joso-shi, Ibaraki 303-8503, Japan
Tel: +81-(0)297-27-0111

Fukui Plant
29-73-3, Ishibashi-cho, Fukui-shi,
Fukui 910-3137, Japan
Tel: +81-(0)776-85-1300

Product & Technology

Plastic ID Card Printers

  • PR-C201
  • PR-C151
  • PR-C101

Our card printers allow for prompt issuing high-quality ID plastic cards. Our printers line up allows for various secure IC solutions both contact/contactless IC and magnetic IC encoder.

Users Merits !

High quality image printingPR-C201

PR-C201 offers 600 dpi high resolution printing tough most plastic card printers has 300 dpi resolution.
Both letters and photos can be printed clearly and vividly.
Besides PR-C201 has high dust-proofness which prevents miss-printing.
Double covers (“Card cassette” and “upper cover” ) at feeding unit and “replaceable cleaning tape” and “cleaning roller” at transport defend against an invasion of dust.
Print both Paper & Plastic cards: explanation drawing

Fast printing speedPR–C201/PR–C151/PR–C101

PR-C201 and PR-C101 offer astounding print speed of “145cards/hour” !(full color, single side)
First print time is ;
-PR-C201 : 24.8sec (4 colors printing)
-PR-C151 : 28sec (5 colors ,single-side(YMCBk + over coat)
-PR-C101 : 25sec (5 colors ,single-side(YMCBk + over coat)
Fast print speed helps heavy duty use.
Print both Paper & Plastic cards: explanation drawing

Large capacity feeder for seamless printingPR–C201/PR–C101

Capacity of card cassette feeder is
-PR-C201 : 250cards
-PR-C101 : 100cards.
Large feeders can eliminate card refilling frequency.
Stacker’s capacity is
-PR-C201 : 250cards
-PR-C101 : 30cards(in use of eject stacker : 50 cards)
Large capacity card feeder and stacker allow users to print heavy duty.
In addition, our originally designed feeding system allows users to refill or replace cards without stopping printing. Operation can be done seamlessly.
In the case of printing different types of cards, users can easily replaces those cards by replacing card cassette feeder itself. In this case, users need to arrange multiple card cassette feeders by card types.

·Card cassette feeders of PR-C201

Compact body fits into every placePR–C101

Compact body is perfectly suit for using at customer reception of gym, hotel, hospital and administrative agency.

PR-C101 is compact model, which is small enough tofit into an office overhead bin or under a counter.
The body size is only 329(w)x180(h)x222(D)mm.
According to placed directions, Operation panel can be rotated. Rotating operation panel has LCD display and operation buttons.
It allows users comfortable operation.
Mounted eject tray can be removal from 2 different directions.
In case of use eject stacker, cards can be ejected left side. Eject direction is adjustable for every installation site or operation.

∗As a option
The PR-C201 comes available with an optional encoder, mag encoder, contact encoder and/or contactless encoder. The PR-C151 is available with options for MagStripe encoding.

Designed for securityPR–C201/PR–C151/PR–C101

A security wire lock can be attached. An option key lock prevents theft of cards and ribbons.

The card feeding cassette can easily be removed. Expensive IC plastic cards can be stored in safety place.

Data is encrypted in the case of printing via a network (Ethernet). IPsec Protocol prevents unauthorized access.

Dual-Sided PrinterPR–C201/PR–C151

Color ribbon which support dual-sided printing is available. Users can easily print dual-sided by using it. Users can make easily ID cards which are printed photo/ID info on one side and instruction on the other side.



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