Canon Finetech Inc. CANON FINETECH INC.

Headquarters, R&D Center
14-1, Chuo 1-chome, Misato-shi,
Saitama 341-8527, Japan
Tel: +81-(0)48-949-2111

Ibaraki Plant
5540-11 Sakatemachi, Joso-shi, Ibaraki 303-8503, Japan
Tel: +81-(0)297-27-0111

Fukui Plant
29-73-3, Ishibashi-cho, Fukui-shi,
Fukui 910-3137, Japan
Tel: +81-(0)776-85-1300

About Canon Finetech Inc.

Corprate Philosophy

To create new value and culture through
our original products,
thus contributing to the development of society.

Products and services that meet the needs of the customer are always the result of innovative technologies and ideas.

As the information age progresses, Canon Finetech Inc. is striving to make the business environment more comfortable.

We utilize our superior technology to facilitate better communication between people and people, people and machines.

Our goal is to constantly progress as a highly ethical and healthy business. We promote harmony between business activities and the environment under the philosophy of Kyosei - "living and working together for the common good," and strive to meet the expectations of our customers, shareholders, employees and the community.

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